Mint It on Kadena

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MINT-IT is a decentralized NFT minting platform and marketplace that allows creators to mint collections of all kinds of NFTs and collectibles on the Kadena blockchain. In this marketplace, users can explore digital assets in various categories, including videos, trading cards, music, art, and more. MINT-IT is built with scalability in mind, this implies lower transaction fees in comparison to other marketplaces. Kadena is the only scalable layer-1 PoW blockchain, assuring speed, security, and decentralization. With Kadena’s multi-chain architecture, the higher the TPS on Kadena, the more energy efficient it becomes. Thus, users won’t have to worry about their energy footprint when using our platform. Existing platforms on other blockchains control marketplace requirements like royalties. With MINT-IT, we offer true on-chain NFT sales using Pacts, this means that royalties will live forever with NFTs. MINT-IT is user-oriented, we understand that anonymity is one of the most important building blocks of Web3 and hence do not require participants to KYC in order to use our platform. You can sign-up using your email address and password from anywhere at any time and get started with minting or trading NFTs! MINT-IT is a brainchild of Docushield, a Web3 document and cloud storage solution built on Kadena and for the masses. We at Docushield saw the need for MINT-IT in Kadena’s NFT community and created the very first NFT minting and marketplace platform on Kadena. This has given us a first movers advantage and much room needed to set the pace while building something unique at the forefront of mass adoption. The Docushield and MINT-IT team always welcome community feedback and are happy to answer all your questions. This is one of many ground projects that will make up the Docushield Ecosystem. Feel free to reach out to our team on our socials or through customer support.